The Black Blades of Tyria

1450 years after the peaceful kingdom of Tyria was founded in the middle of three other war raging kingdoms, Lord of Burning Throne, Fenris Kul, rose forth with his followers and attempted to wipe out the peaceful kingdom he resented. During the hard war that lasted nearly a decade, the kingdom had been corrupted by mistrust, deceit and cultists.

During his reign, King Elizher Swordbreaker had been well-respected and loved by all of his people. He led them through hard and difficult war, and once most of the armies of the Breaker had been slain, everyone thought that peace would return to the kingdom. Little did they know.

The King was assassinated by conspirators who had pledged themselves to Lord of the Burning Throne. His son, Prince Alihen Swordbreaker, rose upon the throne. Maddened by grief and suspicion, he quickly started a witch hunt and executed nearly tenth of the remaining population for the suspicion of conspiracy and cultism.

Afterwards the people of Tyria would title Prince Alihen “The Mad King”, even though his claim had been just and many cultists were discovered among the population. Still, most of whom were executed had been innocent and were executed with no trials by virtue of a law made by the Mad King, Estuans Interius hominis, which stated that none who were suspected of allegiance towards Fenris Kul were entitled to a rightful hearing.

A new declaration was released by the King, which stated that there would be a bounty for every cultist brought to the local law enforcement, dead or alive. This brought much attention from other kingdoms and soon ranks upon ranks of bounty hunters would stream to kingdom of Tyria. They would soon create a loosely organized guild called The Black Blades.

Mostly feared and despised by the locals, the guild would start their own war against conspirators and followers of Fenris Kul. Their actions were usually based on Estuans Interius hominis, the law which allowed anyone to be executed by anybody on sight, giving them a grim reputation. Yet, there were few in the guild who despised these actions and truly sought out only cultists and enemies of the state.

The Black Blades

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